Great Britain: International Exhibition: Prize medal

Great Britain: International Exhibition: Prize medalGreat Britain: International Exhibition: Prize medal
Form: Circular
By: Leonard C. Wyon. Obverse after D. Maclise
Date: 1862
Ref:  BHM: 2747; Eimer: 1553; Laidlaw: 0436;
76.7 mmCopper-Bronze224 gm$210

Edge: Plain. Impressed with the recipients name and class of exhibit for which the medal was awarded. This medal : "H. HUSSEY VIVIAN, M.P., F.G.S., JUROR. CLASS I.

Obverse: Britannia seated, left, holding British Union shield in her left hand and wreath in her right Attended by six females bearing products of industry, agriculture, science. literature and the arts. Lion resting at Britannia's feet, paws on trident. Signed on the truncation: "D.MACLISE R.A. DES. LEONARD C.WYON FEC."

Reverse: Within a wreath of oak tied at the bottom, across: "1862 / LONDINI / HONORIS / CAUSA". Signed: "LEONARD C.WYON" at the foot.

Notes: This medal was presented to a Juror and not awarded to an exhibitor. Henry Hussey Vivian, 1st Baron Swansea (1821-1894) was a Welsh industrialist, member of parliament and fellow of the Geological Society.

The 1862 International Exhibition was held from 1 May to 1 November, beside the gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society, South Kensington, London.

South Africa was represented only by Colony of Natal, the Cape Colony having refused to allocate funds. There were exhibits of agricultural products, notably from the rapidly growing Natal sugar industry. Aspects of Zulu culture and the flora a fauna of Natal were on display.