RSA (Pre-1994): Castle and Lion Beer

RSA (Pre-1994): Castle and Lion BeerRSA (Pre-1994): Castle and Lion Beer
Form: Circular with holed lug for a link ring to a safety pin hanger
By: ?
Date: ?
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0882;
31.9 mmEnamelled Bronze16.4 gm$8

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Two hands holding clinking glass beer mugs across. The beer is enamelled yellow with white foam. Legend on a background of blue enamel above: “REMEMBER THE BEER” and below: “CASTLE . LION”.

Reverse: On a pebbled background, crowned lion above castle.

Notes: In 1956, Castle Breweries (Castle Beer), Ohlsson’s Cape Breweries (Lion Beer) and Union Breweries merged to form the South African Breweries Limited. After subsequent mergers and acquisition it now operates as SABMiller.