Sweden: Tribute to Jacob Letterstedt, Consul General to SouthAfrica

Sweden: Tribute to Jacob Letterstedt, Consul General to SouthAfricaSweden: Tribute to Jacob Letterstedt, Consul General to SouthAfrica
Form: Circular
By: J.E. Ericsson
Date: 1861
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0772;
61.9 mmCopper-Bronze87.5 gm$240

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Bareheaded bust of Letterstedt, right, in jacket and bow tie. Legend: “JAC. LETTERSTEDT CONSUL GEN. COMM. R. O. WAS.” Signed: "J.E. ERICSSON" below truncation.

Reverse: Figure of Science seated, left, her right arm extended holding a laurel wreath. On the right, a lion with the arms of Sweden in its paws. On the left, a springbok with symbols of science. Legend: “ FAUTORI ET CULTORI AEQUI DEBENTUR HONORES.” In the exergue: “SOCIO MUNIFICO / LITERAR. PROMOTORI / REG. ACAD. SCIENT. SVEG. / MDCCCLXI.”

Notes: This medal is a tribute from the Royal Swedish Academy of Science to Jacob Letterstedt (1796-1862).

Letterstedt was born outside Norrkoping in Sweden and emigrated to the Cape in 1820 where he soon became one of the regions wealthiest and most influential citizens. He founded several businesses, the most significant of which was the Mariedal Brewery which later amalgamated with Ohlsson's Cape Breweries and is the origin of today's South African Breweries Ltd. Some of the land belonging to the Mariedahl Brewery was leased to the Western Province Rugby Union in 1889 on which the Newlands Rugby Stadium is now situated.

In 1857 Letterstedt was appointed the first Swedish-Norwegian Consul General to South Africa. In 1860 he donated ten thousand pounds to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science. This medal was produced in recognition of this gift.