United States: The Silver Kruger / Silver Bullet, Silver Shield

United States: The Silver Kruger / Silver Bullet, Silver ShieldUnited States: The Silver Kruger / Silver Bullet, Silver Shield
Form: Circular. Proof-like with frosted designs.
By: Mulligan Mint (?)
Date: 2014
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0557;
39.1 mmSilver (0.999)31.2 gm$28

Edge: Upright reeded.

Obverse: Bust of Paul Kruger, right, wearing jacket and top hat smoking a pipe. Motto across: "Eendracht / Maakt / Macht" Legend: "THE SILVER KRUGER (diamond stop) REPUBLIEK VAN SUID-AFRIKA".

Reverse: Arrow-shaped shield pointing downwards against a background of many bullets radiating outwards. On the tail of the arrow: "1" dividing: "OZ". In the middle a band inscribed above: "LISTEN TO ALL" and below between stops: "FOLLOW NONE". Within that: ".999 FINE AG (in an arc above) / 2014 (across) / AOCS APPROVED (in an arc below)". Above the shield in arcs: "A CONSCIOUS / SOLUTION" and below: "TO COLLECTIVIST / PROBLEMS". Legend: "SILVER BULLET (diamond stop) SILVER SHIELD".

Notes: This medal is one of a series of one ounce silver medals whose production was initiated by Chris Duane, founder the American Sons of Liberty Academy, after he had proclaimed that the purchase of silver was both a 'Silver Bullet' to rebel against the elite’s corrupt system and a 'Silver Shield' to protect wealth after the collapse of the US Dollar.

American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) is a non-profit organization opposed to fiat money and aims to expedite the use of precious metals as money. AOCS grants approval to new currencies, helps new currency issuers to establish brand identity, and encourages merchants to accept AOCS-approved currencies.