Great Britain: Boer War: United Empire / Epps’s Cocoa

Great Britain: Boer War: United Empire / Epps’s CocoaGreat Britain: Boer War: United Empire / Epps’s Cocoa
Form: Circular shell medal with hole at 12 o’clock for a ring to a crimp bar for a dark red ribbon.
By: ?
Date: 1900
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0088;
36.5 mmAluminium Shell5.3 gm$40

Edge: Upright reeded.

Obverse: Britannia holding the British Union flag on a raised dais surrounded by nine maidens, five on the left and four on the right, bearing banners named with countries of the Empire. From left to right: Queensland, Victoria, West Australia, Canada (banner lowered) South Australia, India (banner lowered) New Zealand, South Africa, New South Wales. In the exergue: “THE / UNITED EMPIRE (in an arc)”.

Reverse: Within a beaded border and a wreath from the cocoa plant tied at the bottom, the trade mark of James Epps & Co and below: “UNITED / UNDER ONE FLAG / ALSO IN DRINKING / EPPS’S COCOA / 1900”.

Notes: James Epps (1821-1907) was homeopathic chemist and founded the Epps cocoa business in 1839 with plantations in Jamaica. His cocoa was successfully marketed worldwide as a health-giving drink containing homeopathic minerals.