Cape Colony: Kimberley International Exhibition / Westfalia Lünen

Cape Colony: Kimberley International Exhibition / Westfalia LünenCape Colony: Kimberley International Exhibition / Westfalia Lünen
Form: Circular with attached loop
By: ?
Date: 1892
Ref:  Laidlaw: 1019;
45.7 mmBronze32.6 gm$25

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Diamond miner in shirt sleeves and hat, standing front with right foot resting on a shovel held upright in his right hand. Beside him, a wheelbarrow, sieve and pick. Behind the pulley head-works on the rim of the Kimberley Hole. At the bottom on the truncation of the design: “MINT BHAM LD”. On a raised border edged with an alternating pattern of diamonds and dots, legend above: “SOUTH AFRICAN & INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION” and below between stops: “KIMBERLEY 1892”

Reverse: Depiction of underground mining equipment. In an arc below to the right: "WESTFALIA LÜNEN".

Notes: The obverse is copy taken from the award medal of the exhibition (Laidlaw 0251).

The exhibition was opened on 8th September 1892 by Sir Henry Loch, Governor of the Cape Colony and High Commissioner for South Africa. It was held in the Public Gardens of Kimberley, a town located in the northern part of the Cape Colony in the region known as Griqualand West.

Westfalia Lünen was a company based in the Ruhr area of Germany and a world leader in the manufacture of underground mining equipment particularly for coal mining.