Great Britain: South African Products Exhibition, London, Award

Great Britain: South African Products Exhibition, London, AwardGreat Britain: South African Products Exhibition, London, Award
Form: Circular, cast.
By: Mappin & Webb, London
Date: 1907
Ref:  Laidlaw: 1024;
50.8 mmSilver62.0 gm$160

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: On an ornate cartouche, at the top, British Royal coat of arms and below that, across: "SOUTH AFRICAN (in an arc) / PRODUCTS / EXHIBITION (in an arc) / LONDON / 1907". Five shields round lower half of the cartouche, running anticlockwise: Cape Colony, Colony of Natal, Transvaal Colony, Orange River Colony, British South Africa Company (Rhodesia).

Reverse: Outline map of the African continent showing the borders of the territories forming South Africa. Olive branch on left. Signed at the foot: "MAPPIN & WEBB LONDON W." with the maker's mark: "MN&WB" and the sterling silver hallmark for Birmingham 1907-8 (h). The blank upper portion of the map for engraving the recipient's name. This medal: "Merryweather & Sons"

Notes: The award medal for the exhibition. An award medal in copper-bronze was also made.

The South African Products Exhibition, held in London, was a show case for mining, agriculture and industry. The exhibition was opened by King Edward VII in the Horticultural Hall, Westminster on Saturday 23 February 1907.

All the colonies of South Africa were represented together with Rhodesia under the British South Africa Company. It was the political hope at the time that this joint effort would encourage the formation of union between the territories. Union took place in 1910 but Rhodesia opted to retain its independence.

Messrs. J. Merryweather & Son was a Pietermaritzburg firm of coachbuilders, wagon-makers, and general workers in wood and iron.