RSA (Pre-1994): Vryheid Centenary

RSA (Pre-1994): Vryheid CentenaryRSA (Pre-1994): Vryheid Centenary
Form: Circular
By: ?
Date: 1984
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0715;
33.0 mmBronze15.2 gm$20

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Coat of arms of of Vryheid on shield with crossed flags behind and incused motto: "EENDRAGT REGTVAARDIGHEID EN LIEFDE (unity, justice and love)".

Reverse: To the left, on a raised circular center, incused: "EEU- / FEES / CENTE- / NARY". To the right, a smaller version of the coat of arms on the obverse. Legend above in large letters: "VRYHEID". Three bands round the left side of circular centre, joined at the foot by: "1984" in incuse letters.

Notes: Vryheid was the capital of the short lived Boer Republic, die Nieuwe Republiek Zuid Afrika, formed on 5 August 1894. The country was given to the Boer by the Zulu King Dinizulu and stretched from the Transvaal Republic in the west to the Indian Ocean and located to the North of the Colony of Natal. After Britain annexed most of the territory to Natal in 1887, the remainder of the Republic, including Vryheid, was incorporated into the Transvaal Republic 20 June 1888. After the Boer War, the territory was transferred to the Colony on Natal in 1903.

The coat of arms on the medal is the same as the arms of the Nieuwe Republiek but with a Zulu shield in front.