Bophuthatswana: 15th Anniversary Shooting Award

Bophuthatswana: 15th Anniversary Shooting AwardBophuthatswana: 15th Anniversary Shooting Award
Form: Circular
By: Pagliari of Cape Town
Date: 1992
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0092;
52 mmGilded Bronze$12

Edge: Plain

Obverse: Leopard’s head facing front within a wreath inscribed: “1977 15 (framed) 1992”. In an arc above: “BOPHUTHATSWANA” and below: “30-31 OCTOBER 1992 / MMABATHO”. Signed: “PAGLIARI” below the wreath.

Reverse: Crossed rifles within a half laurel wreath below. Signed: “PAGLIARI” at the foot.

Notes: A shooting prize medal awarded in 1992 at a tournament in Mmabatho in the South African homeland of Bophuthatswana organised to mark the 15th anniversary of the territory's nominal independence.

The Republic of Bophuthatswana was a patchwork on enclaves in the northern part of South Africa. The territory was established for the Tswana people under the homeland policy of the the National Party government on 6 December 1977. It was re-integrated into South Africa in 1994.