RSA (Pre-1994): Active Citizen Force Shooting Medal

RSA (Pre-1994): Active Citizen Force Shooting MedalRSA (Pre-1994): Active Citizen Force Shooting Medal
Form: Circular
By: South African Mint
Date: 1963
Ref:  Laidlaw: 1044;
38.2 mmSilver27.9 gm$20

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Shooting Trophy standing on a plinth. Across, divided by the trophy: "A.B.M (Aktiewe Burger Mag) A.C.F (Active Citizen Force)" and engraved below: "1963". Legend above: "GOUEBEKER SKIET TROFEË" and below between stops: "GOLD CUP SHOOTING TROPHY".

Reverse: Laurel wreath enclosing area for inscription. This medal has no inscription. Stamped at the foot: "(lion head) STG p (for 1963) S.A.M".

Notes: Comes in a square blue cardboard box with: "SAM" in gold letters on the outside of the lid. This box with typewritten label naming the recipient: "SGT L.J. ENGLISH".

The members of the Active Citizen Force (now called the Reserve Force) provide military service on a voluntary basis.

The Gold Cup Shooting Trophy is annually competed by teams from the different volunteer corps throughout South Africa. The trophy is made of solid 18 carat gold and stands about 450mm high. It was donated by the gold mining industry in 1922. These silver medals were presented to the members of the winning team.