Canada: Boer War: Town of Westmount Bronze Tribute Medal

Canada: Boer War: Town of Westmount Bronze Tribute MedalCanada: Boer War: Town of Westmount Bronze Tribute Medal
Form: Circular. Extended at the top with Queen’s Crown holed for a ring flanked by flanges protruding left and right. Arched enameled bars round circular part top and bottom and, in the middle, a rectangular bar across.
By: Unknown Jewller
Date: 1900
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0872a;
25.5 mmBronze & Enamel11.4 gm$250

Edge: Plain. Thickness 3.9 mm. Obverse and reverse join mark visible.

Obverse: On the flanges: “ANIMO (left) ET FIDE (right)”. Top bar: “TOWN OF” on red enamel background. Cross bar: “WESTMOUNT” on white enamel background. Bottom bar: “CANADA” on blue enamel background. Maple leaves between the bars. Above the cross bar, buildings with mountains behind and a radiant sun. Below the cross bar, the British Union flag.

Reverse: On the flanges: “1900 (left) 1900 (right)”. Across; “PRESENTED (in an arc) / BY THE / TOWN OF WESTMOUNT / TO / (space) / AS A RECOGNITION / OF HIS SERVICES / TO QUEEN & EMPIRE / IN / SOUTH AFRICA (in an arc)”.

Notes: The obverse and reverse of the medal have been made separately and bonded together. It appears that the extensions were also made separately in this way giving at total of eight parts bonded together.

An example of this medal in gold was presented to Private A. S. McCormick of the Royal Canadian Regiment with his name engraved. It was sold by Dix Noonan Webb (Lot 500, 11-12 December 2013) together with his QSA for £2,300.

Is is not known why this bronze medal was made. Possibly it was a trial strike.

Westmount was an affluent English-speaking town on the Island of Montreal, in southwestern Quebec. It is now an enclave of the City of Montreal.