RSA (Post-1994): First Anniversary of the Orania Ora

RSA (Post-1994): First Anniversary of the Orania OraRSA (Post-1994): First Anniversary of the Orania Ora
Form: Circular
By: ?
Date: 2005
Ref:  Laidlaw: 1103;
28 mmSilver8.6 gm $50

Edge: Plain

Obverse: Incused design and inscription. Man in overalls standing, front, rolling up sleeve. Across on left: "925" and on right: "6/100". Legend above: "ORANIA ORA" and below: "2004-MEI-2005".

Reverse: Flower-like geometrical design.

Notes: It appears that each medal was individually stamped on blanks with the reverse machine turned. This is number 6 of a total of 100.

Orania is a small town (population 1,300) located along the Orange River in Karoo region of the Northern Cape, approximately halfway between Cape Town and Pretoria. It was established to provide an enclave for the Afrikaner language and culture.

The Ora is the local currency of Orania. It is pegged at par with the South African rand and issued in 10, 20, 50 and 100 Ora notes. The value of the circulating currency is about 500,000 Ora. This medal commemorates the first anniversary of the introduction of the Ora in 2004.