RSA (Pre-1994): SAS Maria van Riebeeck Submarine

RSA (Pre-1994): SAS Maria van Riebeeck SubmarineRSA (Pre-1994): SAS Maria van Riebeeck Submarine
Form: Circular with attached loop.
By: Georges Guiraud
Date: 1970
Ref:  Laidlaw: 1106;
75 mmBronze$90

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Starboard and bow view of a submerged submarine. Legend above: "MARIA VAN RIEBEECK" and below: "NANTES 1970".

Reverse: Starboard and stern view of a sailing ship in Table Bay, Table Mountain beyond. Signed : "Georges /Guiraud" with small anchor, right rim. Legend above: "S,A. NAVY (left) S.A. VLOOT (left)" and below: "DUBIGEON NORMANDIE".

Notes: The SAS Maria van Riebeeck was a Daphné-class submarine of the South African Navy. It was the first of three such boat for the SAN built in France at the Nantes shipyard of Dubigeon-Normandie. The medal commemorate the hand-over commissioning of the boat.

The boat was named after the wife of Jan van Riebeeck, the first Dutch governor of the Cape. The ship shown on the reverse of the medal is the Drommedaris on which van Riebeeck and his wife sailed to the Cape in 1652.

In 1999 the boat was renamed SAS Spear and was scrapped on 2003.