Angola: UNITA, Jonas Savimbi Visit to Lubango

Angola: UNITA, Jonas Savimbi Visit to LubangoAngola: UNITA, Jonas Savimbi Visit to Lubango
Form: Circular. Cast.
By: ?
Date: 1975
Ref:  Laidlaw: 1131;
75 mmBrass222 gm$25

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Bust of Savimbi in military beret, left. Legend on a raised band above: "UNITA" and below: "JONAS MALHEIRO SAVIMBI".

Reverse: Ear of wheat(?) again an outline map of Angola. A dent on the map locates Lubango. On left across: "1975". Legend above: "1A VISITA OFICIAL" and below: "LUBANGO".

Notes: Jonas Malheiro Savimbi (1934-2002) was an Angolan political and military leader who founded and led the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). UNITA first fought a guerrilla war against the Portuguese colonists and after independence, with the support of South Africa and America, against the communist-backed MPLA party for control of Angola. Savimbi was killed in 2002 during a battle with MPLA government forces.

The medal probably refers to the re-capture of the town of Sa' da Bandeira (later renamed Lubango), capital of the southern district of Angola, on 24 October 1975. MPLA forces were expelled and the UNITA administration set up again.