Canada: Boer War: Lord Strathcona’s Horse / Welcome Home

Canada: Boer War: Lord Strathcona’s Horse / Welcome HomeCanada: Boer War: Lord Strathcona’s Horse / Welcome Home
Form: Circular
By: P.W. Ellis & Co. of Toronto
Date: 1900
Ref:  Hern: 904 (obv); Laidlaw: 0771b;
35 mmWhite Metal$300

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Four mounted members of Strathcona’s Horse, advancing in a line front right, each holding a banner standard. Front banner, waving right, reads: “STRATHCONA”. On the left, wreath of palm with maple leaves at the bottom enclosing the text: “FOR / SOUTH / AFRICA / 1900”. Signed: “P.W. ELLIS & CO.” round left rim.

Reverse: A sheathed sword dividing the field vertically. At the top, surrounding the sword’s hilt, a laurel wreath inscribed within: “SOUTH AFRICA / 1900”. Below this, a dove with outstretched wings, facing downwards, holding a ribbon inscribed: “WELCOME HOME” in its beak. The legend around above: “CANADA’S (left)” BRAVE BOYS (right)”. At the foot, sprigs of maple leaves, and the maker’s name around the edge: “P.W.ELLIS & Co. TORONTO”.

Notes: This reverse of this medal was taken from the reverse of the Toronto Tribute medal made by P.W. Ellis (Laidlaw 0059a)

There is another medal with the same obverse for Strathcona's Horse (Laidlaw 0177a).

Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal, (1820-1914) was a Scottish-born Canadian businessman. In January 1900 Lord Strathcona offered to finance a force of 500 mounted riflemen recruited from the Canadian North-West. On 16th March the regiment embarked with 28 officers, 512 other ranks, horses and equipment. Lord Strathcona’s Horse served as scouts and escorts until 20th January 1901 when the regiment re-embarked for Canada. Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) is a now regular armoured regiment of the Canadian Army.