RSA (Pre-1994): Royal Natal Yacht Club

RSA (Pre-1994): Royal Natal Yacht ClubRSA (Pre-1994): Royal Natal Yacht Club
Form: Circular with enamel
By: ?
Date: 1990
Ref:  Laidlaw: 1137;
50.6 mmGilded Bronze with enamel72.3 gm$10

Edge: Plain. Thickness 4.7 mm.

Obverse: The burgee of the Royal Natal Yacht Club, coloured with enamel. Legend on a raised band above: "ROYAL NATAL YACHT CLUB" and below on a plaque: "1990".

Reverse: Within a laurel wreath, space for engraving. This medal: "OPTIMIST".

Notes: The Royal Natal Yacht Club is the oldest of all the sport clubs in South Africa and the oldest yacht club in Southern Hemisphere. It was founded in May 1858 as the Durban Regatta Club and its name was later changed to Natal Yacht Club. In 1891, the club received a Royal Charter as Royal Natal Yacht Club.