Austria: Boer War: Paul Kruger, Reverse de Wet & de la Reij

Austria: Boer War: Paul Kruger, Reverse de Wet & de la ReijAustria: Boer War: Paul Kruger, Reverse de Wet & de la Reij
Form: Circular
By: Anton Scharff / Franz Xaver Pawlik
Date: 1902
Ref:  AM: 121a; Hern: 276; ME: Netherlands 11; Laidlaw: 0009c;
39 mmBronze$520

Edge: Plain

Obverse: Bust of Paul Kruger, front and slightly to the left. In the field on the left, across: “PAUL / KRÜGER / PRESIDENT”, and on the right: “DER / ZUID / AFRIKAA[N]SCHE / REPUBLIEK 10.OCT. / 1825”. Signed: “A Scharff” on the left above the shoulder.

Reverse: On the left, the bust of General de Wet, front and turned slightly to the right, name across on left: “CHRISTIAN / DE WET”. On the right, the bust of General de la Reij wearing a hat, front and turned to the left, name across on right: “KOOS / DE LA / REIJ”. Near the rim at 5 o’clock, the monogram: “AS” of Anton Scharff.

Notes: The medal was issued to coincide with the visit to Europe after the Boer War of Generals Koos de la Rey and Christiaan de Wet who, together General Louis Botha, sought to raise funds for restoring the devastations of the war.

The obverse has been taken from Anton Scharff’s original 1900 “ANN DE DAPPERE STRIJDERS” medal. The reverse was probably engraved by his protégé Franz Xaver Pawlik.

Franz Xaver Pawlik was born in Vienna on Aug 2, 1865 and died there from consumption (old name for tuberculosis) on Aug 8, 1906. He attended the Academy of Decorative Arts in Vienna and studied under Tautenhayn and Schwartz. He was an Assistant Medallist at the Vienna Mint beginning in 1867. He succeeded Anton Scharff as chief engraver at the Vienna mint after Scharff's death in 1903.