Cape Colony: King Edward VII Coronation: Molteno

Cape Colony: King Edward VII Coronation: MoltenoCape Colony: King Edward VII Coronation: Molteno
Form: Irregular Circle. Attached suspension bar. Cast.
By: -
Date: 1902
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0120a;
40 mmBrass14 gm$25

Edge: Plain

Obverse: In the centre, bareheaded bust of Edward VII, right, with laurel leaves in front and behind. On a ribbon above: “EDWARD VII CROWNED 1902” and below: “AFRICA AUSTRALIA CANADA INDIA”. Around, a wreath of the national flowers of the United Kingdom, topped by the Imperial Crown, the irregular edge of the medal following the design of the wreath and crown.

Reverse: Text with first three lines and last line in arcs: “TO / COMMEMORATE THE / CORONATION OF HIS MOST / GRACIOUS MAJESTY / EDWARD VII / MOLTENO / CAPE COLONY”

Notes: Molteno is a small town in the northern part of the Eastern Cape. It was founded in 1874 on the farm Onverwacht owned by George Vice, and named in honour of John Charles Molteno, Prime Minister of the Cape Colony.