Great Britain: King Edward VII Coronation

Great Britain: King Edward VII CoronationGreat Britain: King Edward VII Coronation
Form: Irregular Circle. Attached suspension bar. Cast. Narrow red-white-blue ribbon.
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Date: 1902
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0120c;
47.6 mm x 40.7 mmBrass16.3 gm$25

Edge: Plain

Obverse: In the centre, bareheaded bust of Edward VII, right, with laurel leaves in front and behind. On a ribbon above: “EDWARD VII CROWNED 1902” and below: “AFRICA AUSTRALIA CANADA INDIA”. Around, a wreath of the national flowers of the United Kingdom, topped by the Imperial Crown, the irregular edge of the medal following the design of the wreath and crown.

Reverse: Text only: “TO COMMEMORATE (in an arc) / THE / CORONATION OF (in an arc) / HIS MOST / GRACIOUS MAJESTY (in an arc)/ EDWARD VII.”. At the foot in an arc, the registration number: “RD. NO 377779”.

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