RSA (Pre-1994): Monument to Tregardt Trek in Lourenco Marques

RSA (Pre-1994): Monument to Tregardt Trek in Lourenco MarquesRSA (Pre-1994): Monument to Tregardt Trek in Lourenco Marques
Form: Circular.
By: A.G. (?)
Date: 1968
Ref:  AM2: 397; Laidlaw: 0133;
38 mmBronze24 gm$30

Edge: Plain. Stamped with issue number

Obverse: View of the memorial with: “1968” below. Legend above: “LOURENÇO MARQUES” and below: “GEDENKTUIN (memorial garden)”.

Reverse: An ox wagon wheel with nine spokes with the rim of the wheel extending to the edge of the medal. On a scroll in an arc above the axel:“TREGARDTREK”, and below: “1835-1838”

Notes: This example is numbered 36.
The Louis Tregardt Trek memorial garden is in Lourenço Marques (now Maputo), the capital of Mozambique. A commemorative plaque in memory of the Voortrekker leader was unveiled on 12 October 1968 during a visit to the city by the South African Navy ships SAS Simon van der Stel, Kimberley and Mosselbaai.
Louis Tregardt is acknowledged as the most prominent member of the ‘Voorste Mense (leading people)’ of the Great Trek. He formed a group of nine families who set out from the Cape in 1836 and after two years reached Delagoa Bay in the Portuguese Colony of Mozambique. He had hoped to settle there as a farmer and trader but he and many in his party died soon after arrival from Malaria.