RSA (Post-1994): Visit by Queen Elizabeth II to South Africa

RSA (Post-1994): Visit by Queen Elizabeth II to South AfricaRSA (Post-1994): Visit by Queen Elizabeth II to South Africa
Form: Circular. Frosted proof.
By: Pagliari / Cape Mint
Date: 1995
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0159a;
35.2 mmSilver19.9 gm$25

Edge: Plain. Stamped with the Cap Mint Hallmark for pure silver: “AG 999”

Obverse: Crowned bust of Queen Elizabeth, half-left, against a background of Table Bay with Cape Town and mountains in the distance. Signed: “PAGLIARI” bottom left. Legend above: “ROYAL VISIT TO SOUTH AFRICA” and below between the flags of the United Kingdom (left) and the new flag of the Republic of South Africa (right): “1995”.

Reverse: Royal Coat-of-Arms. Legend: “COMMEMORATING THE VISIT OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II TO SOUTH AFRICA”. Stop at the foot.

Notes: South Africa rejoined the Commonwealth after the democratic elections in 1994. As Head of the Commonwealth, the visit of the Queen formalised the re-admission. South Africa remained a republic with Nelson Mandela, and not the Queen, as its Head of State. Her previous visit to South Africa had been in 1947 as Princess Elizabeth with her father King George VI and other members of the Royal family.