France: Boer War: Roberts and Kitchener

France: Boer War: Roberts and KitchenerFrance: Boer War: Roberts and Kitchener
Form: Circulat with attached loop.
By: Made in France
Date: 1900
Ref:  Hern: 542; Laidlaw: 0193;
27,4 mmBronzed Base metal6.7 gm$20

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Bareheaded bust of Roberts in uniform, front. Below truncation:“MADE IN FRANCE”. Legend above: “TRANSVAAL WAR 1899-1900” and below: “FIELD-MARSHAL LORD ROBERTS ∙”.

Reverse: Bareheaded bust of Kitchener in uniform, half left. Below truncation:“DEPOSE (registered)”. Legend above” “CHIEF OF THE STAFF” and below: “MAJOR GENERAL LORD KITCHENER”.

Notes: Poorly made and often found in worn condition with the loop missing. Sometimes silvered.