France: Eiffel Tower Medal

France: Eiffel Tower MedalFrance: Eiffel Tower Medal
France: Eiffel Tower MedalFrance: Eiffel Tower Medal
Form: Circular
By: Alexandre Charpentier
Date: 1900
Ref:  ME: France 9; Laidlaw: 0200;
41 mmSilver
41.4 mmSilver Plated Bronze29.2 gm$50
41.4 mmBronze27,8 gm$10

Edge: Plain. Silver plated medal stamped: "BRONZE" and a triangular maker's mark. Bronze medal triangular stamp only.

Obverse: Three workmen assembling girders close to the top of the tower. Buildings of Paris far below. With and without: "1900" in incused letters on the cross girder. On the left, beneath the horizontal spar, the maker’s monogram: “CAM”.

Reverse: A view of the upper part of the tower, flying the French flag. Buildings of Paris far below. To the right of the tower: “SOUVENIR / DE / L’ASCENSION”. Legend: “SOMMET DE LA TOUR EIFFEL”.

Notes: The Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889, and served as the entrance arch to the International Exhibition of Paris which commemorated the centenary of the French Revolution.

In 1900 Paris again hosted the International Exhibition. There was a Transvaal pavilion with exhibits from the Z.A.R. The exiled President Kruger attended as a guest and the occasion was marked by the presentation to him of a silver Eiffel Tower medal.

Alexandre-Louis-Marie Charpentier (1856-1909) was French medalist, sculptor and cabinet maker.

Medal without the incuse date 1900 were presumably made for issue in subsequent years.