Z.A. Republic: Deputation to the Netherlands

Z.A. Republic: Deputation to the NetherlandsZ.A. Republic: Deputation to the Netherlands
Form: Circular
By: C.J. Begeer, Holland
Date: 1884
Ref:  AM: 1; Hern: 6; ME: South African Republic 1; Laidlaw: 0205;
51 mmSilverRare
50.8 mmBronze52.7 gm$380

Edge: Plain. Thickness 4.3 mm.

Obverse: Two shields inclined towards each other, the coat of arms of the Netherlands with crown crest and motto: "JE MAINTIENDRAI" (left) and the coat of arms of the Z.A. Republic with eagle crest and motto: "EENDRACHT MAAKT MACHT". Rough sea below with radiant sun on the horizon. Legend in Dutch on a raised band above: “UIT EENEN STAM (from a common root)" and below between flowers: “GOD ZIL MET HEN (God will be with them)”

Reverse: Across in Dutch: “DE / TRANSVAAL / DEPUTATIE / BEZOEKT / NEDERLAND / 1884 (The Transvaal deputation visited the Netherlands 1884)". Below two small clasped hands and at the foot, round the rim, the maker’s name: “C.J. BEGEER EDIT”

Notes: Under the Pretoria Convention of 1881, Britain retained control of the foreign policy of the Z.A. Republic. A delegation lead by Present Kruger visited Britain in 1884 where some concessions were negotiated and incorporated into the London Convention, signed on 24 February 1884.

Thereafter, the delegation visited other European countries to foster trade and to raise money for development, in particular for a railway line to the Indian Ocean through the Portuguese colony of Mozambique. This project would open up an alternative trade route for the Republic outside of British control. Towards this end a joint company was established between the Netherlands and the Z.A. Republic called the Nederlandsche Zuid-Afrikaansche Spoorweg-Maatschappij (NZASM). This eventually led the construction of Delagoa Bay railway line which was opened in 1895.

According to Hern, perhaps 25 were made in bronze and 1 or 2 in silver.