Great Britain: Kruger Pond Imitation (Withers 02)

Great Britain: Kruger Pond Imitation (Withers 02)Great Britain: Kruger Pond Imitation (Withers 02)
Form: Circular
By: ?
Date: 1896 Onwards
Ref:  Hern: 462; Laidlaw: 0210b;
22.3 mmBrass4.7 gm$20 - $35

Edge: Upright reeded.

Obverse: Die type 1.
Bust of Paul Kruger, left (similar to Z.A. Republic gold Pond). Legend: “ZUID AFRIKAANSCHE REPUBLIEK”.

Reverse: Die type 1.
Coat of arms of the Z.A. Republic (similar to Z.A. Republic gold Pond. Legend above: “1 POND * IMITATION”. Motto on a ribbon below: "EENDRAGT MAAKT MAGT"

Notes: The imitation Ponde were used as gaming counters.

There are 13 known varieties of the 1 Pond imitation. Paul Withers has numbered these 2-14 (1 being for the 1/2 Pond) and this numbering has been used here.

The varieties have been made from combinations of 10 different obverse die types and 8 different reverse die types. The dies types have been numbered; 1-10 in the obverse description and 1-8 in the reverse description. The differences are sometimes minor.

The imitation Ponde were not well made. The composition of the alloy, the diameter and the weight vary considerably.

Reference: (1) Paul Withers, ‘Kruger Pond Imitations’, Galata Print Ltd., 2002. (2) Michael Laidlaw, 'Kruger Pond Imitations', available on CD from the author of this website. Both references provide further background information and guides to identification.