Netherlands: Jan Christiaan Smuts Africanus

Netherlands: Jan Christiaan Smuts AfricanusNetherlands: Jan Christiaan Smuts Africanus
Form: Circular. Cast.
By: Geurt Brinkgreve of Holland
Date: 1949
Ref:  AM2: 276; Laidlaw: 0229;
106.7 mm (rev) 105.6 mm (obv)Bronze444 gm$370

Edge: Plain. Uneven and slightly tapered. Thickness 7.4 mm - 9.4 mm.

Obverse: Bareheaded bust of Smuts, right, in uniform. Some medals are signed: “GB / 1947” at the foot. Legend: “JAN CHRISTIAAN SMVTS AFRICANVS”.

Reverse: Head-on view of ox-wagon with two oxen in front, a Boer driver (looking like Smuts) wearing a hat and holding a rifle and behind him the covered wagon. Initials: “GB” on some medals at 4 o’clock near the rim. Legend on a raised band: “PER∙VARIOS∙CASVS∙PER∙TOT∙DISCRIMINA∙RERVM (through various misfortunes; through so many dangers)”.

Notes: Reference: Matthy Esterhuysen, the Era of the Generals. It is reported there and in AM2 that the medal was commissioned by a Dutch journalist of the Antwerp 'Standard' for presentation to Smuts. The numismatic company, Jacques Schulman, arranged the production which was undertaken by the medallist Geurt Brinkgreve. Only 20 medals were made.

Geurt Brinkgreve (1917-2005) was a Dutch sculptor and medallist. His father Marius Brinkgreve was director of the medal department at Begeers, which produced many medal of South African interest.