Cape Colony: Opening of Kimberley Town Hall

Cape Colony: Opening of Kimberley Town HallCape Colony: Opening of Kimberley Town Hall
Form: Circular within cogged edge. Topmost cog holed for a ring. Cast.
By: ?
Date: 1899
Ref:  AM2: 61; Laidlaw: 0245;
31.0 mm (outside); 26.3 mm (inside)White Metal23.4 gm$60

Edge: Twenty five triangular cogs (including the holed one at the top) protruding from a plain edge. Thickness of edge 4.1 mm. Thickness of cogs 2.0 mm.

Obverse: Within a circle, oblique view of the town hall. Legend above: “TOWN HALL” and below: “KIMBERLEY”.

Reverse: Within a circle, legend: “PRESENTED TO THE CHILDREN OF KIMBERLEY" and across between ornaments: "BY / H.W. THE / MAYOR / R.H. HENDERSON J P. / IN / COMMEMORATION / OF THE / OPENING OF THE / TOWN HALL / KIMBERLEY (in an arc) / SEPTEMBER 1899 (in an arc)”.

Notes: The Kimberley town hall was designed by the architect, Fergus Carstairs Rogers. The building was opened by Mayor R.H. Henderson in September 1899 and this medal was presented to local school children.

The following month the Anglo-Boer War started and the Boer Republican forces almost immediately commenced their siege of the town on 14th October 1899. The siege continued until 15th February 1900.