Netherlands: Boer War: Fundraising

Netherlands: Boer War: FundraisingNetherlands: Boer War: Fundraising
Form: Circular with an attached boss through which passes a ring for suspension.
By: ?
Date: 1899
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0246;
70 mmSilver$480

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Withing a wreath of oak (left) and palm (right) tied at the bottom, an ornate shield with coat of arm of the Z.A. Republic, eagle crest, six flags behind and motto: “EENDRAGT MAAKT MAGT”.

Reverse: Engraved in ornate script across: “Aan / Alb. van der Horst / Voorsitter van het Amsterdamsch- / Transvaal-Oranje-Vrijstaat / Comité in District VI / Aangeboden door / Dames & Heeren Collectanten / 13 – 20 December / 1899 (To Alb(ert). van der Horst, Chairman of the Amsterdam-Transvaal-Orange-Free-State Committee in District VI presented by the Ladies and Gentlemen Fundraisers)”.

Notes: Images courtesy of the Constantine Collection from which source it is reported that Amsterdam was divided into nine district, each with a committees tasked with raising funds to help the survivors in the Transvaal and Orange free State. In total 900 men and women were engaged in this fundraising effort. Albert van der Horst received this medal as chairman of the District VI Committee. It is not known if similar medals were presented to the chairmen of the other committees.