Z.A. Republic: Paul Kruger Re-Election Campaign

Z.A. Republic: Paul Kruger Re-Election CampaignZ.A. Republic: Paul Kruger Re-Election Campaign
Form: Circular. Pierced for a ring which passes through a grommet riveted to a vierkleur green-red-white-blue ribbon. The short 2 cm ribbon is doubled and, at the top, loops through a rod attached to a pressed white metal suspension bar. The bar is rectangular with a scalloped upper edge. The edges of the bar are raised which outlines a pebbled background on which is stamped: “Z * A * R”. A stick-pin is soldered to the back of the bar.
By: ?
Date: 1898
Ref:  AM: 15; Hern: 28; ME: South Africa 4; Laidlaw: 0034;
38.5 mmWhite Metal19.4 gm$120

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Bust of Paul Kruger in presidential attire facing front and slightly to the left. In an arc around the base of the bust: “VYFTIEN . JAREN . ONZEN . PRESIDENT (our President for fifteen years)”. The legend, on a raised roughened band, above: “STEM . VOOR . DEN . BEPROEFDEN . LEIDSMAN (Support the proven leader)” and below, between ornamental stops: “S. J. P. KRÜGER”.

Reverse: The coat of arms of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek with motto: “EENDRAGT MAAKT MAGT” surrounded by a cable in the design of a chain of tiny Protea(?) flowers, close to the rim. There is no legend.

Notes: Elections for the president of the Z.A.R. were held every five years. Kruger had won the elections of 1883, 1888, 1893. In 1898, the year before the start of the Boer War, his popularity within the republic was strong, and he won the election by overwhelming majority. The medal was worn by burgers to show their support for Kruger during the run-up to the election.