SA Union: First World War Peace: Roodepoort

SA Union: First World War Peace: RoodepoortSA Union: First World War Peace: Roodepoort
Form: Circular. Pierced at 12 o’clock for an attached pin with a pressed metal badge showing a rose.
By: ?
Date: 1919
Ref:  AM2: 168; Laidlaw: 0262;
35.0 mmBrass14.8 gm$50

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: The coat of arms of Roodeport-Maraisburg with motto: “QUATTUOR JUNCTI IN UNO” on a scroll below. Legend: “MUNICIPALITY OF ROODEPOORT-MARAISBVRG” with an ornament at the bottom.

Reverse: Within a laurel wreath on a raised band tapering down to the exergue, a recumbent lion with a winged cherub standing in front both facing left. On the left, an olive branch and, on the right, a sword and shield. Above across: “IN COMMEMORATION (in an arc) / OF THE / CONCLVSION / OF THE / GREAT WAR / JVNE / 1919”. In the exergue: “J.R.G.” (left) and “ECRP.” (right) with stylised waves below.

Notes: Roodepoort Municipality was formed in 1903 with the incorporation of the towns of Hamburg, Florida and Maraisburg. Roodepoort became a city in 1977 and is now part of the Greather Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.