SA Union: Voortrekker Monument Inauguration - Johannesburg

SA Union: Voortrekker Monument Inauguration - JohannesburgSA Union: Voortrekker Monument Inauguration - Johannesburg
Form: Circular with attached lug for suspension
By: South African Mint
Date: 1949
Ref:  AM2: 295; Laidlaw: 0036;
31.5 mmCopper-Nickel12 gm$6

Edge: Plain

Obverse: In the centre, the Voortrekker Monument. Below in an arc, the date: “16DH DES. 1949”. Legend: “GESKENK DEUR DIE BURGEMEESTER EN STADSRAAD”. Stop at the foot.

Reverse: In the centre, the coat of arms of the City of Johannesburg with motto: “FORTITER ET RECTE”. Above in an arc: “JOHANNESBURG”. Legend (a translation of the obverse): “PRESENTED BY THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL”. Stop at the foot.

Notes: 80,000 medals were made and given to school children in the Johannesburg region.

The Voortrekker Monument lies on the outskirts of Pretoria. It was built to commemorate those Afrikaners who participated in the Great Trek of the early 19th century. Many of the descendants of the early Dutch settlers in the Cape Colony did not feel at home under British rule and migrated northwards to settle in, and colonise, new independent territories north of the Orange River.