RSA (Pre-1994): Commissioning of the P.K. Le Roux Dam

RSA (Pre-1994): Commissioning of the P.K. Le Roux DamRSA (Pre-1994): Commissioning of the P.K. Le Roux Dam
Form: Circular.
By: A.L. Sutherland
Date: 1977
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0597;
63.7 mmYellow Bronze102 gm$20

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Aerial view of the dam, the dam wall and the hydroelectric power station. Across: “NOVEMBER 1977”. Legend on a raised band above: “P.K. LE ROUXDAM P.K. LE ROUX DAM”, and below: “DEPARTMENT OF WATER AFFAIRS DEPARTEMENT VAN WATERWESE”.

Reverse: Arms of the Republic of South Africa with motto: "EX UNITATE VIRES". Legend above: “I.O.R.C.C. CONSULTANTS G.H.P".

Notes: The P.K. Le Roux Dam (now the Vanderkloof Dam) is on the Orange River 130 km downstream from the Hendrik Verwoerd Dam (now the Gariep Dam).

The dam was designed by a consortium of local and overseas consultants. This medal was commissioned by the International Orange River Consultants Company (I.O.R.C.C.)

The dam was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister John Vorster on 17 November, 1977, and named after a former minister of Water Affairs.