RSA (Pre-1994): Opening of Atlantis Diesel Engines

RSA (Pre-1994): Opening of Atlantis Diesel EnginesRSA (Pre-1994): Opening of Atlantis Diesel Engines
Form: Circular.
By: Pagliari, Cape Mint.
Date: 1982
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0696a;
50.2 mmSilver Plated Brass50.6 gm$5

Edge: Plain. Stamped: “BRASS SILVER PLATED”.

Obverse: Aerial view of the factory with Table Mountain in the background. The logo of the company: “ADE” at the bottom. Signed: "PAGLIARI" at the foot.

Reverse: Across: “29-4-1982”. Legend above: “OFFICIAL OPENING” and below: “AMPTELIKE OPENING”.

Notes: Atlantis is an apartheid-era industrial township some 40 km west of Cape Town. Atlantis Diesel Engines was a factory built in 1981 to supply diesel engines and spares parts both to the domestic and military South African markets. With the end of sanctions in 1994 and the removal of government subsidies the plant became uneconomical and was forced to closed down.