SA Union: Union Defence Force: "Major Heydenrych Medal"

SA Union: Union Defence Force: "Major Heydenrych Medal"SA Union: Union Defence Force: "Major Heydenrych Medal"
Form: Ornate Circular with attached loop for a ring. Bonded to the middle of this a circular enamel badge.
By: ?
Date: 1935
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0914;
25.4 mmBrass & Enamel9.4 gm$15

Edge: Plain

Obverse: Within a circular frame with ornaments, an enamel badge with the coat of arms of the Union of South Africa. On blue enamel, legend above: "MAJOR HEYDENRYCH MEDAL" amd below: "U.D.F. - V.S.V.".

Reverse: Engeraved across: "B (in quotes) / 1935 / DCDRA / A.F. HENRY / 101".

Notes: Major and Honorary Colonel C.P. Heydenrych, V.D. served with the Transvaal Light Infantry Regiment during the Boer War and with the Witwatersrand Rifles during the First World War. He later commanded the South African Armoured trains during the 1920's. In retirement he was appointed the first Honorary Colonel of the East Rand Commando. He is well remembered for his encouragement of marksmanship within the Union Defence Force.