Great Britain: Lord Roberts V.C.: Shooting Award

Great Britain: Lord Roberts V.C.: Shooting AwardGreat Britain: Lord Roberts V.C.: Shooting Award
Form: Circular
By: A. Fenwick, Birmingham
Date: c1900-1910
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0317a;
30.0 mmCopper-Bronze17.7 gm$12

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Bareheaded bust of Roberts in uniform, front with head turned to the left. Signed: "FENWICK. D. F" on the truncation". Legend: "LORD ROBERTS V.C.".

Reverse: Laurel wreath tied at the bottom with bank space inside for engraving the recipients name.

Notes: During the Boer War War it became apparent to Lord Roberts that his British Troops, particularly the Volunteer Regiments, were far less accurate shots with their rifles than the Boers for whom the rifle had been a part of everyday life from boyhood.

On his return to Britain in 1900, Lord Roberts was instrumental in promoting rifle clubs with the aim of encouraging marksmanship skills so that the British people would be better prepared in the event of another war.