Netherlands: Ascension of Queen Wilhelmina

Netherlands: Ascension of Queen WilhelminaNetherlands: Ascension of Queen Wilhelmina
Form: Circular. Cast.
By: Begeer of Utrecht, Holland
Date: 1890
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0946;
59.3 mmBronze84.6 gm.$45

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Young Queen with long hair, left. Legend: "WILHELMINA KONINGIN DER NEDERLANDEN." Signed: "BEGEER" bottom right.

Reverse: Crown of the Netherlands above the Lion of Nassau on an upright rhombus. Floral ornaments around and laurel sprig below. Across, divided by the lion: "FLO=RIRA / L'ORAN=GIER". Within a beaded border round the rim, legend on a raised band: "KONINGIN DER NEDERLANDEN 23 NOV. 1890 GEB. TE'S GRAVENHAGE 31 AUG. 1880" and star at the foot.

Notes: Wilhelmina became Queen of the Netherlands on the death of her father, King William III. on 23 November 1890. She was only ten years old and her mother, the Dowager Queen Emma, was named regent.