Z.A. Republic: Witwatersrand Agricultural Society Award

Z.A. Republic: Witwatersrand Agricultural Society AwardZ.A. Republic: Witwatersrand Agricultural Society Award
Form: Circular
By: ?
Date: 1897
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0949a;
44.3 mmCopper-Bronze47.4 gm$40

Edge: Plain. Thickness 3.8 mm.

Obverse: Draped female standing on ground, front, holding laurel wreath in her left hand over kneeling woman on the right offering bowl of fruit. On the left, kneeling man offering wheat sheath. Legend on a raised pebbled band above: "WITWATERSRAND LANDBOUW GENOOTSCHAP" and below between star stops: "S.A. REPUBLIC".

Reverse: Within wheat-ears left and right and leafy rose at the bottom, across: "TOEGEKEND (in an arc) / AAN / (space for engraving the recipient's name) / 1897 (7 engraved)". Legend on a raised pebbled band above: "FLOREAT" and below between ornaments: "JOHANNESBURG".

This medal engraved: "G. NORTH & SON / ROLLER".

Notes: The Witwatersrand Agricultural Society was instituted 1894. Shows were organised in land adjacent to Milner Park in Johannesburg between 1895 and the start of the Boer War. Paul Kruger opened the first 'Rand Show' where displays of livestock, poultry, dairy products, bees, ornamental plants and trees, farming equipment, and wagons and coaches were exhibited. The Rand Show recommenced in 1907 and continues to be held annually during the Easter holidays. The venue has changed and the nature of the exhibition has become oriented towards family entertainment.

George North was a merchant in farm implements. His first store was opened in Port Natal (now Durban) in 1869. At the time of this award his organization had expanded throughout South Africa. The company G. North still exists today and their branded products are distributed by Northmec who are the leading supplier of farming equipment in South Africa.