Transvaal: Rand Poultry Club Annual Show Award

Transvaal: Rand Poultry Club Annual Show AwardTransvaal: Rand Poultry Club Annual Show Award
Form: Circular. Matt finish
By: Sampson Mordan & Co Ltd
Date: 1910
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0957;
45.0 mmSilver47.5 gm$35

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: A gold mine with headworks and other buildings. On a ribbon above: "RAND POULTRY SHOW". Below, a cartouche flanked by corn stalks behind a ribbon: ".ANNUAL. (in an arc) / SHOW".

Reverse: Within a wreath of laurel (left) and wheat (right), a large cartouche surmounted by a bird's nest with eggs. On the cartouche: "AWARDED TO (in arc) / (space for engraving the recipient's name) / FOR / (space for engraving the exhibit name) CENTRAL SOUTH AFRICAN SHOW / (space for engraving the year)". Stamped with the marker's mark: "SM&Co" in a lozenge on the left and the Birmingham silver hallmark for 1909-10 (k) on the right.

This medal awarded to: "J. FISHER ESQ." for: "NORWICH CANARY" in: "1910".

Notes: This show was possibly held in conjunction with, or a part of, the Rand Agricultural show. The Witwatersrand Agricultural Society Award medal (Laidlaw 0144a) is in a similar style by the same manufacturer.