SA Union: Taalfeest

SA Union: TaalfeestSA Union: Taalfeest
SA Union: TaalfeestSA Union: Taalfeest
Form: Circular. The silver medal is marked: “ZILVER 830”. The copper medal has an attached lug.
By: Begeer, Utrecht
Date: 1913
Ref:  AM2: 141; Laidlaw: 0069;
29.4 mmSilver11.1 gm$45
28.5 mmCopper11.8 gm$15

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: In the centre, an anchor around which is twisted a cable. The maker’s mark: “B.U.” at the bottom. The legend around: “EREMERSTEL VAN HET HOLLANDS IN ZUID AFRIKA (to restore the honour of the Dutch people in South Africa)”. A small flower at the foot.

Reverse: Across: “MAART TAALFEEST 1913 (Language Festival March 1913)”. The legend above: “JONG ZUID AFRICA” and below between small flowers: “WIJ ZULLEN HANDHAVEN (young South Africa will prevail)”.

Notes: The language festival was held three years after the Union of South Africa was formed. The promotion of the Dutch and Afrikaans languages was perceived as politically divisive and the festival, originally planned for 1912 in Cape Town, finally went ahead in Bloemfontein in March 1913.