Netherlands: Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina

Netherlands: Coronation of Queen WilhelminaNetherlands: Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina
Form: Circular
By: C. J. Begeer
Date: 1898
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0741e;
61.9 mmSilver83.0 gm$175

Edge: Plain. Stamped: “Jh. B.C. 1000/000” (?)

Obverse: Diademed bust of the young Queen Wilhelmina wearing ermine stole, front with head turned left. Legend: “WILHELMINA KONINGIN.D.N”.

Reverse: On the right, seated figure of naked winged Peace with olive branch held in her extended right hand and left hand supporting a shield with the Netherland Royal arms. Olive branch on ground at left. Royal palace at Amsterdam behind. Legend: “TER.HERINNERING.AAN.DE.KRONING.V.H.M”. In the exergue: "MDCCCXCVIII".

Notes: Queen Wilhelmina was crowned on 6 December 1898 six days after her 18th birthday.

Sold for £110 at Baldwin’s auction 83 on 24 September 2013, lot 5355.