Z.A. Republic: Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee

Z.A. Republic: Queen Victoria Diamond JubileeZ.A. Republic: Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee
Form: Circular. Holed at 12 o'clock for a ring to a second for a corded yellowish green silk ribbon with: “Witwatersrand” in large gold-coloured script letters.
By: H. Grueber, London
Date: 1897
Ref:  AM2: 51; Laidlaw: 0798;
32.1 mmYellow Bronze11.4 gm$35

Edge: Upright reeded.

Obverse: Within a beaded border round the rim, veiled and crowned bust of Queen Victoria, left (similar to the golden jubilee coinage). Signed: “H. GRUEBER LONDON” below the truncation. Legend: “VICTORIA REGINA”.

Reverse: Three shields with the coat of arms of Ireland (left), England (middle) and Scotland (right). Radiant crown above, and above that in an arc: “THE DIAMOND JUBILEE”. Below, two sprigs tied at the foot of roses, thistles and shamrocks. Legend on a band within a beaded border, above” TO COMMEMORATE THE 60TH YEAR OF HER MAJESTY’S REIGN” and between stops below: “1937-1897”.

Notes: It is probable that this medal was exported to other colonies and may also have been for sale in Great Britain, but with different ribbons.

The reverse of this medal was used on the more common "Four Generations" Diamond Jubilee medal. The obverse was used again on the 1901 medal for the death of Queen Victoria (Laidlaw 0709)