Cape Colony: Great Synagogue Cape Town Consecrated

Cape Colony: Great Synagogue Cape Town ConsecratedCape Colony: Great Synagogue Cape Town Consecrated
Form: Circular
By: ?
Date: 1905
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0971;
37.7 mmWhite Metal19.5 gm$180

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Front view of the Synagogue. In the exergue: "5665" the year 1905 in the Jewish calendar.

Reverse: Shield of David with Hebrew abbreviation: "ק"ק" above and motto: "תקוות ישראל" below. Legend above: "GREAT SYNAGOGUE CAPE TOWN" and below between stops: "CONSECRATED 13 SEPTR. 1905".

Notes: The motto: "תקוות ישראל" (Tikvat Yisrael) meaning: "Hope of Israel" has been used by the Cape Town Hebrew Congregation since its inception in 1841. It is probable that the abbreviation: "ק"ק" could be interpreted and translated to mean: “Established in the name of G-d, Hallelujah.”

The Great Synagogue (Gardens Schul) is located at 88 Hatfield Street, Cape Town. The congregation is the oldest Jewish congregation in South Africa.

The building replaced the St John’s Street Synagogue when that became too small. It was designed by the Architects John Parker and Forsyth in the European Baroque style and built at a cost of £26 000. It has a capacity for 1,500 worshipers. The foundation stone was laid by the Governor of the Cape, Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinso, on 2 June 1904. The synagogue was consecrated on 13 September 1905 by Rev A P Bender and opened by the congregation president, Hyman Liberman, the Mayor of Cape Town.