RSA (Pre-1994): Port Elizabeth Settlers Philatelic Exhibition

RSA (Pre-1994): Port Elizabeth Settlers Philatelic ExhibitionRSA (Pre-1994): Port Elizabeth Settlers Philatelic Exhibition
Form: Circular with attached loop for a link ring brass brooch bar to which is stuck a green ribbon which hangs down behind the medal.
By: J.B. (?)
Date: 1970
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0626;
38.1 mmBronzed Base Metal24 gm$8

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: An 1820 British settler family standing on the shore with their trunk. Behind a sailing ship with a longboat bringing more settlers ashore. Below: “SETPEX-150-SETFU”. In a raised band around: “PORT ELIZABETH PHILATELIC SOCIETY 1820-1970 PORT ELIZABETH FILATELISTIESE VERENIGING”. An aloe bush is at the foot which divides the medalist’s initials: “JB”.

Reverse: Laurel wreath.

Notes: Probably a delegate's badge. This example named: "K.E.H. TERRY" on a plastic strip glued onto the suspension bar.

SETPEX stands for Settler Philatelic Exhibition, and SETFU for Settler Filatelistiese. The exhibition was organised for the 150th anniversary of the arrival of British settlers in the Eastern Cape.