SA Union: Witwatersrand Agricultural Society Award

SA Union: Witwatersrand Agricultural Society AwardSA Union: Witwatersrand Agricultural Society Award
Form: Circular
By: Royal Mint Pretoria
Date: 1950
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0144b;
38.3 mmYellow Bronze 24.5 mm$10

Edge: Plain. Reeded rim.

Obverse: Horse, cow and calf, sheep and pig in a field flanked by sheaths of corn, behind on right, vintage car and steam engine, in the distance mine head works and chimney, radiant sun on the horizon. Legend on a ribbon above: "WITWATERSRAND AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY" with two small crosses at the top on each side. At the bottom, corn cobs tied with a ribbon. Signed: "R.M.P." at the foot.

Reverse: Within a wreath of corn cobs (left) and laurel (right), "AWARDED / TO / FOR" with space for engraving. At the bottom, the South African coat of arms with motto: "EX.UNITATE.VIRES". Signed: "RMP" at the foot.

Engraved on this medal: "Alex.Drysdale. / (quote) Burnbrae Gladiator (quote) / Reserve Champion Galloway Bull /1950".

Notes: The Witwatersrand Agricultural Society was instituted 1894 and the fledgling ‘Rand Show’ was opened by Paul Kruger the following year. The shows ceased during the Boer War but recommenced in 1907 with show grounds in Milner Park. This was the venue for the Rand Show until 1984. In 1950, the year this medal was awarded, the 80-year-old General Jan Smuts opened the show for the eighth time. The Rand Show continues to be held annually during the Easter holidays. The venue has changed and the nature of the exhibition has become oriented towards family entertainment.

The style of this medal is similar to the the pre-union medal (Laidlaw: 0144a). Presumably when the Royal Mint in Pretoria opened in 1923, the mint received the commision for this medal and the same medal was used each year, probably until 1960, without altering: "R.M.P." to "S.A.M."