Rhodesia: Elizabeth II Coronation: Mashaba

Rhodesia: Elizabeth II Coronation: MashabaRhodesia: Elizabeth II Coronation: Mashaba
Form: Circular, attached lug with hole for link ring to a pin hanger.
By: Henry Paget
Date: 1953
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0094l;
32.2 mm x 35.3 mmBronze14.0 gm$10

Edge: Plain

Obverse: Crowned head of Elizabeth II, right. Legend: “ELIZABETH SECUNDA .”. The date across divided by the Queen’s neck: “2.6. (left) 1953 (right)”. Signed: “H.P.” below the truncation.

Reverse: Crossed Pick and shovel dividing: “ASBESTOS”. Hard hat above. On a raised band above: “MASHABA” and below between stops: “CORONATION”.

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