Great Britain: Birth Centenary of David Livingstone

Great Britain: Birth Centenary of David LivingstoneGreat Britain: Birth Centenary of David Livingstone
Form: Circular
By: Allan Wyon
Date: 1913
Ref:  BHM: 2959; Eimer: 1626; Laidlaw: 0016;
43.1 mmCopper-Bronze36.6 gm$140

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Bareheaded bust of David Livingstone in jacket and bow tie, three-quarters right. Signed: "ALLAN WYON SC." below. Legend within a beaded border: “DAVID . LIVINGSTONE . BORN . BLANTYRE . 1813 . DIED . ILALA . 1873”

Reverse: St. Paul, standing with arms raised, before an altar inscribed in Greek preaching to five attendants one of whom holds a scroll in Hebrew. In the exergue in Greek: "ΕΙΣ ΤΟΝ ΚΟΣΜΟΝ / ΑΠΑΝΤΑ (go into all the world and preach)".

Notes: Comes in a maroon case inscribed: “LIVINGSTON / CENTENARY / 1913” on the outside in gold letters. Lined on the inside with white silk inscribed: "(crown) / WYON / 2. LANGHAM CHAMBERS / LONDON. W." and maroon velvet.

Allan Wyon (1843–1907), son of Benjamin Wyon, was an English medallist and seal-engraver. The medal was commissioned by the London Missionary Society.

Dr. David Livingstone (1813-73) was a Scottish missionary, medical doctor, scientists and explorer in Africa. He died in Chitambo which is a village in the Ilala region on the south side of Lake Tanganyika.