Rhodesia: Great War Peace: Umtali

Rhodesia: Great War Peace: UmtaliRhodesia: Great War Peace: Umtali
Form: Circular
By: -
Date: 1919
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0142a;
33.7 mmCopper15.6 gm$15

Edge: Plain

Obverse: A kneeling soldier, his shield at his feet, presenting his sword to a seated winged angel holding a dove. At her feet, a child holding an olive branch. Above, clouds and a radiant sun. In the exergue, two doves holding, in their beaks, a scroll inscribed: “PEACE”

Reverse: Within a wreath of laurel (left) and a palm frond (right), the coat of arms of Umtali with lion crest and motto: “FLOREAT UMTALI”. Superimposed above, a banner: “TO COMMEMORATE THE / VICTORIOUS CONCLUSION / OF THE GREAT WAR”.

Notes: In 1919, Umtali was a small Rhodesian town, close to the border with Mozambique, on the railway line between Salisbury and Beira.