SA Union: First World War Peace: Johannesburg

SA Union: First World War Peace: JohannesburgSA Union: First World War Peace: Johannesburg
Form: Circular with attached ring
By: P.M. Keith / Frank Stevens Ltd.
Date: 1919
Ref:  AM2: 159; Laidlaw: 0025a;
31.5 mmCopper-bronze16 gm$12

Edge: Plain

Obverse: A shield depicting a blacksmith turning “swords into plough shears”. Supporting the shield on the left is a soldier with rifle and on the right a sailor with artillery shell. Above: “1914 /1919”. Legend: “TO COMMEMORATE THE CONCLUSION OF THE GREAT WAR”. In the exergue “PEACE WITH HONOUR”. On the exergue line: “REG 14/1919”.

Reverse: Within a laurel wreath, the coat of arms of Johannesburg with motto: “FORTITER ET RECTE” on a ribbon above. Across at the top: “28TH JUNE / 1919 / JOHANNESBURG”

Notes: The Johannesburg City Council offered a prize for the best design of the medal. The winner was Mr. P.M. Keith and the runner up Mr. A.J. Sirrall. Tenders were then called for the production of the medal. The lowest tenderer failed to deliver on time and the order was placed with Frank Stevens Ltd.

About 40,000 medals were made and issued to Johannesburg school children.