Germany: Boer War Satirical: Hyaena Catching Birds

Germany: Boer War Satirical: Hyaena Catching BirdsGermany: Boer War Satirical: Hyaena Catching Birds
Form: Circular. Aluminium medal with attached loop.
By: Messrs. Beyenbach of Wiesbaden, Germany
Date: 1900
Ref:  AM: 89; Hern: 204; ME: Germany 4; Laidlaw: 0213a;
33 mmSilver$900
33 mmBronze$550
33 mmGilt$550
33 mmAluminium$300

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: Divided into three portions by two horizontal lines. Upper portion in German: “BURENKRIEG (in an arc) / 1899-1900”. Central wide band, hyaena facing left crushing a bird (the OFS) with its left paw while trying to catch a second bird (presumably the Transvaal) with its right. Lower portion in German: “Da sprach der Mõrder / ihr seid mein, denn ich / bin gross und ihr / seid klein (thus said the murderer: you are mine because I am big and you are small)”. At foot, maker's mark: "B" on caduceus.

Reverse: Across in German: “HERR LASS STURME / GEH’N UND KOMMEN / JEDE PRUFUNG SOLL UNS / FROMMEN / ABER NIMM UNS EINES NICHT / RAUM UND LUFT UND / HIMMELSLICHT. (Lord, let storms come and go. Each affliction will strengthen us, but of these things deprive us not: space, air and the light of heaven.)". At top, five-pointed star. Between ornaments at foot, maker's mark: "B" on caduceus.

Notes: Beyenbach was the name of a private mint; the engraver is not known. One of these medals was probably presented to President Kruger.

A medal with a similar obverse having French text was also made.