France: Boer War Satirical: Hyaena Catching Birds

France: Boer War Satirical: Hyaena Catching BirdsFrance: Boer War Satirical: Hyaena Catching Birds
Form: Circular. Bronze and Aluminium medal with attached loop.
By: Messrs. Beyenbach of Wiesbaden, Germany
Date: 1900
Ref:  AM: 143; Hern: 324; Laidlaw: 0213b;
39 mmSilver$1,200
39 mmBronze$480
39.1 mmAluminium6.4 gm$300

Edge: Plain. Silver medal stamped: "950"

Obverse: Divided into three portions by two horizontal lines. Upper portion in French: “LA GUERRE DES BOERES (in an arc) / 1900 (large letters)”. Central wide band, hyaena facing left crushing a bird (the OFS) with its left paw while trying to catch a second bird (presumably the Transvaal) with its right. Lower portion in German: “L’assassin dit, vous êtes à moi, / car moi je suis grand et vous / êtes petits (The assassin said, you are mine because I am big and you are small)”. At foot, maker's mark: "B" on caduceus between two five-pointed stars.

Reverse: Unofficial emblem of the French Third Republic: double-bladed lictor’s axe behind shield tied top and bottom to the shaft of axe with ribbons, bearing: “RF” monogram and on band around: “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE”. The maker’s mark: “B” on caduceus at bottom of the axe. At top, five-pointed star from which emanate a background of ten lightening bolts. Legend on a scroll: “* * Vive Transvaal L’accueil du président Krüger en France. * * (Long live the Transvaal. The reception of President Kruger in France.)”.

Notes: This medal was made in Germany by the private mint Beyenbach and sold to coincide with the arrival of President Kruger in France.

A medal with a similar obverse having German text was also made.